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Sonnet 55 To take any of Shakespeare's Sonnets and represent it typographically in a contemporary environment.

Shakespeare’s sonnet 55 is both confident and powerful. He attempts to immortalise a loved one through his words, rejecting tangible monuments. His use of this ambiguous figure is purely a subject. Our interpretation is that Shakespeare’s underlying motivation was to ensure that his own words are immortalised, that nothing “shall outlive this powerful rhyme.” Complex layered themes of timelessness and immortal dwelling carry these words beyond the contemporary.

We have immersed the sonnet in various contemporary settings - this being a constant snapshot in time. The infinite reflection in the mirrors symbolises the concept of immortality and the intangibility of these words. The physical use of type almost becomes irrelevant as it bears little significance in the delivery of these complex ideas. The reflection on Shakespeare’s authorship is now echoed through ours. We are the finite carrier of this infinite baton of reinterpretation.